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So I haven't been caking the last few months because I've been in the middle of a move but I did make WASC (the same way without knowing they had changed the size of cake mixes for pillsbury) last night and have been leveling it today. After reading this post it has totally explained whey there are very large air holes all over where I have never had that happen before. WTH!!!! SO they must add more leavening.
use vodka or lemon extract instead it works great.
This show drives me nuts!!!
Maybe a pastel colored cake as your base with a bunch of pastel gum paste blacked "eyed" susan flowers in clusters on the cake. Just a thought . This is a hard one!
I use all butter buttercream and I don't get sweating. The only time that it has sweated was when the cake (already decorated) had to sit in the freezer over night. When it was defrosting is when it was sweaty. Just make sure everything is room temp and you should be fine. About the cake pulling away.... I don't mind that it does it a little. It just allowes enough space around my cake boards so that there is never any cake showing through.
What about just making a cake for the night they are having the raffle (if that's what they are doing) Then you won't have to worry about someone all of the sudden calling the day before saying they want a cake for the next day because they have this certificate.
either paint squares or cut out individual squares for your back ground and then do flowers that are similar to the ones on the invite. I would just keep it simple.
I think you are thinking of piping gel.
Anytime I have ever had to do letters I have printed the letters out on cardstock. You cut them out so you can use it as a stencile and cut around it with an exacto knife. Using cardstock gives it some stiffness and if you lightly put pressure on it, it will leave an impression allowing you to not have to hold the stencile down the whole time. You then can just cut around the imprint. I hope this makes sence. the sight that I have seen floating around here. I haven't ordered from them but they seem pretty inexpensive. Hope this helps.
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