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Thank you for the tips! I will follow them exactly, when I get my order of isomalt. By the way, thank you, BKeith, for your tutorial on whimsical cakes. I followed it for a cake I did and it went so smoothly. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely.
I tried the flame, it certainly gets the bubbles out, but I lose some detail in the process. I think that I need to keep working with that idea. I do think the overheating of the isomalt is a big problem, I've ordered some more... Does anyone know the ideal temperature to cook isomalt for pouring into molds? And can I leave water out of the cooking process to help the pieces hold up better in the humidity. The ones I made are losing their shine.Thanks for your...
Thanks for the info, every little bit helps! I'll give it a try.
I'm attempting to cast sugar jewels with isomalt, since I live in a place that's humid. I keep getting small bubbles on the surface of the jewels. I did overheat the isomalt atleast five degrees, which may be part of the problem. I've tried pouring the sugar when it's a little cooler, but then it hardens too quickly, not picking up the silicone mold details. I've been reheating it in the microwave, and don't have a heat lamp. I need just a few jewels for a cake,...
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