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:) Very nice job by the way! I make these also...along with a ton of other goodies...I would not be able to get more than $7 a dozen here, people are so funny about pricing! :/  Best of luck...and they are beautiful. :)
The title says it all....what is the 'new going thing' or 'hot new trend' in your area for baked goods?    I am dying to make a 'naked cake'...and NOBODY close to me has even heard of it! :( Cakepops are a hot thing...and very elaborate 'gourmet' flavored cupcakes....   Just wondering about the other parts of the world. ;)
Can these sit out for a bit?, wondering about the icing part.....I am looking for a stable recipe, and these sound so good. :)
:) I would LOVE to be able to get a copy of this recipe please...I do a crafts day every year with out young ones at church, and I think they would like this! :) Thank you. :)
:) THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You have all helped with this and I do appreciate it a lot. :) Customer is still 'searching' for what they really I have some leeway so far...they also said that they don't want 'all that detail', so that helps. I will be getting a written contract with sketches before I ever take this on. ;)
All I can find out is that it is 'painted flowers'...and how in the world do you charge for this kind of work? Sheesh.....she may not want it when I have to quote a final price, rofl..... ;)
  I have a customer who is requesting this cake for her dd's Sweet 16 party in do you paint flowers like this on a cake? it is pretty but looks like a lot of TIME to create...ack! Help and thank you! :)
Please share this...I just read your post and I am sounds so blasted DELICIOUS. :)
:) Where can I purchase glycerin in bulk? All I have ever seen was the very small bottles at Michael's.....
May I ask what $ you sell these for? I am always getting calls for 'small cakes' in these.....think I need to add them to my menu items.....
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