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Also, let me second merissa's suggestion about taking a Wilton course. Course I will give you the skills and tools, and lots of ideas for fun cakes for your kids.
Carol, here's a link to a thread on acronyms. Welcome to Cake Central! It's lots of fun.
Thanks Merissa. I usually leave my 8x3 cakes in for 60 minutes at 325F ands that's about right. But devils food takes longer for some reason. The cake I was talking about took over an hour and a half. I was afraid it would be crispy around the sides, but I put it in Saran wrap as soon as I removed it from the pan, and it turned out delicious. I might try the flower nail with my next DF cake and just plan to leave it in longer. Karenelli, I loved your cupcake idea--I...
Wilton's is okay for making decorations that you don't plan to eat. It does dry faster and it's pretty easy to work with. I keep a batch around for cutouts, etc. But I'd never cover a cake with it.
I started using that saran wrap trick a few weeks ago and my cakes are getting RAVES! It really does make them moister.
Interesting. What's the purpose of 'settling' after torting and filling? I don't like the towel thing either as it smooshes the cake. I have used it for cupcakes though, to get them all the same height for a cupcake cake.
I've heard the terms gumpaste and sugar used interchangeably, but I'm not sure if that's right.
Do any of you have this problem with the top center of the 8 x 3 pan? I baked a devils food cake today and had to leave it in the oven at 325F for over an hour and a half. Even then the crown was all gooey in the middle. We haven't eaten it yet so I don't know whether the sides got overdone or not. What would you think about putting an aluminum strip down into the middle of the top?
Yeah, there are lots of recipes for fondant, or you can buy it premade (just don't buy the Wilton brand if you plan to eat it, lol). MMF is pretty good and is very easy to make.
The putty knife is a definite plus. Just tried mine today and I love it!
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