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I think you just have to hot knife it and accept the fact that it isn't going to be perfectly smooth. With the wipped icings I've used the more you fuss with them the worse they look.
I have a vegan couple I'm working with right now. It's been real fun Honestly as far as cakes go I found that the best recipes are my own. I did visit several vegan websites and tried some of their recipes; NEVER again, just trust me on that one.I use my regular recipes and I just sub Ener-G egg replacer for the eggs which works wonderfully although it is a bit weird, soy or rice milk for the milk and vegan soy butter for the real butter. If your using chocolate (I...
I'm in Green county and I was told that I could NOT sell cakes that were made in my home. They had to be made in a commercial kitchen. I still do but I'm careful about it
I just use my regular buttercream recipe and add some raspberry puree to it. I blend up fresh raspberries and strain out the seeds to make the puree. It's very very good and so simple.
I tried both Euphoriabakery and Kitagirl's recipes.Unfortunately Euphoriabakery recipe was a total failure. I have no idea what went wrong but it was awful. I was a little worried about adding over a lb of butter to the recipe, that just seemed like way to much butter but thatÂ’s what it said so I followed through. The icing tasted like I was chewing on a stick of butter straight from the fridge, TERRIBLE. It sure was pretty though; whipped up just perfectly, to bad it...
Actually my very first wedding cake order I got from a couple I met in line at the grocery store! Just talk to people, let them know you decorate cakes. Everyone needs a cake at some point and most of the folks I've ended up taking on as clients were seriously sick of eating store bought cakes. They were thrilled to have found me lol. Donate cakes if you have to. I gave a family member a cake for her son's b-day that landed me 2 orders from friends of her's that came....
I'm in Springfield, same problem here. I do cakes and sell them but I keep quiet about it. I've got a lot of clients so far and once I have enough I'll look into renting a kitchen or just getting my own place. But I want to make sure I can successful before I sink any money into it.
Great advice! I love that icing, I can't wait to try decorating with it.Thanks for the b-day wishes! I hope yours was great too!
Oh it's bEttercream!! I kept reading that as buttercream on their website I'll check out Sams, every place I've seen online charges crazy prices for their shipping.Thank you!!
I thought it was Rich's but when I go to their site the whipped icing they describe sounds like it's only for a topping, not to ice a whole cake. I've got an order coming up and she wants whipped icing. I had planned on making it from scratch but she called me to specifically request the icing that Wal-Mart uses. Could someone please link me to where I can buy this stuff? TIA.
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