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I'm in Springfield, same problem here. I do cakes and sell them but I keep quiet about it. I've got a lot of clients so far and once I have enough I'll look into renting a kitchen or just getting my own place. But I want to make sure I can successful before I sink any money into it.
Great advice! I love that icing, I can't wait to try decorating with it.Thanks for the b-day wishes! I hope yours was great too!
Oh it's bEttercream!! I kept reading that as buttercream on their website I'll check out Sams, every place I've seen online charges crazy prices for their shipping.Thank you!!
I thought it was Rich's but when I go to their site the whipped icing they describe sounds like it's only for a topping, not to ice a whole cake. I've got an order coming up and she wants whipped icing. I had planned on making it from scratch but she called me to specifically request the icing that Wal-Mart uses. Could someone please link me to where I can buy this stuff? TIA.
You guys are wonderful. This is so going to kill my diet but I have to try them all out. I'll update soon!
Mmmm that sounds good VAcakelady. I'm only icing the cake and doing a reverse shell border with the whipped icing. I really need to track down that Rich's icing. I know when most of my clients request whipped they are thinking about the stuff they get on their Wal-Mart cakes.
I’ve got an order coming up and the client has requested whipped icing. I normally make it with just heavy whipping cream and icing sugar but I’d like to try something else, mine cracks really bad.
Mudcake is an extremely rich chocolate cake that tastes much like brownies. I make it all the time and eat it plain without any icing. It's a chocolate lover's dream.
I'm going to have to stop being so shocked when I read stories like these. But really it just surprises me that so many folks are so nonchalant about lying and putting all the blame on the decorator when in fact they are the ones to blame. Seriously. She probably felt like a big dope for dropping the cake and figured it would be easier to blame the one person who couldn’t be there to defend herself than it was to admit her mistake.Well at least you know the truth now,...
That is the exact recipe I use and I have never once had a problem with it. I even converted it into a vegan recipe for a couple I'm doing a wedding cake for. Turned out perfectly. Though I did notice that I don't need to cook the cake for the full hour and 40 minutes. I probably cook it for less than an hour. I'm not really sure on the time. I just keep checking on it and when I poke it with a toothpick and it comes clean I pull it out. The cake continues to cook...
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