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I agree with sweet. Congrats on the cake, I'm doing a wedding the same day!
Wonderful, you guys are great. My fondant cutters are metal so I guess I shouldn't have any problems there.
I am making some bridal shower cupcakes and the bride has ordered just plain cupcakes with a simple swirl of icing. I wanted to add something to make them more pretty so I was thinking of making a little chocolate heart to stick into the icing. I don’t want to make a solid chocolate, just a thin little heart. I thought I’d watched enough Jacques Torres on FoodTV to know what I was doing but I realize I know nothing about chocolate. What I need to know is do I just...
Those bears would be great! Where did you get them debsuewoo?She is going into Psychology but they didn’t want anything related to that on the cake. It is supposed to be from the kiddos to her so they wanted it to stay pretty kiddish I guess.
I got an order for a cupcake cake for a daycare teacher who is quiting. She just graduated from college and is making use of her degree. All I was told is that she is very girly, loves pink and they want a message on the cake that says "we will miss you." The kids in her class range in age from 5yo to 12yo. I've found one coloring page online with a group of kids standing around the teacher but it's really goofy looking and I don't want to use that. Anyone have any...
I agree with the others. I had a hard time seeing the damage in the after shots. You did a wonderful job doctoring it up. I kind of like the after cake better, it's more rustic looking.
Have you tried better than sex cake? It's got jell-o in it so you taste more of that than the cake. I was taught to make it in a 9x13 baking dish and leave the cake in the dish but I have made it in round cake pans and decorated it like I would a normal cake.
I think it would be in your best interest to track her down and give her a refund. Just because you’ve moved away and forgotten about her doesn’t mean she’s going to let this go. She could easily take you to court over this and not only get her money back for the cake but more $$ for all the hell you’ve put her through. Don’t let this go. Find that bride and pay her back or you may find yourself in court.
DH cake mixes are NOT vegan. They have milk product in them. The egg replacer is what most likely caused the crumbling. I was out of eggs one night and wanted cake so I used egg replacer with a DH boxed mix. The cake was soooooo crumbly I couldn’t even ice it without the cake falling apart.I’m sorry you had to go through all that. Your post had me scared lol. But I have to side with the bride here. You shouldn’t have agreed to make those changes and I’m sure had you...
If it were "me" and considering I don't live in an expensive area AND I wanted to give her a deal I'd charge her $30 each. If you didn't want to make any money of them you could just charge her for ingredients. If she were a good friend I might consider that.
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