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I made an 8x10 of Tux the Linux penguin for a grooms cake (in my pics). I just made sure I put on a nice thick layer of buttercream on the back when I was done so there wouldn’t be any chance of it breaking when I peeled the paper off. I also left it in the freezer for a bout a week before I used it to make sure it was totally frozen solid. It turned out great.
I used wooden dowels in my own wedding cake. I was completely mortified when we started eating it and anyplace a dowel had touched the cake it tasted like you were chewing on a Popsicle stick. The flavor of wood was so strong you couldn’t even taste cake, just wood. I had only doweled it the day before so I was shocked they did that. I haven’t used a wooden dowel since and I never will.
I took all three courses plus a bonus wedding cake and catering class. It was all well worth the time and money. You learn so much more than just what is in the book. We didn’t even use the books for the 2nd and 3rd classes. We used the older class books that they don’t make anymore. They have more stuff in them. I would NEVER try to teach myself how to make those flowers you learn in class 2 on my own. I had a hard enough time learning them in class with an...
Oh that's a great response!!! I hope she gets the hint.
I wouldn’t worry either. You did just what she asked, what is written in your contract. I’m assuming someone cut the pieces way to big.
Gosh what is it with boxers??? We have two, my male is old and uninterested in anything though he'll come a running when he here's an ice cube hit the floor. My female on the other hand sits at my feet with the saddest more pathetic look on her face just waiting for anything to come flying off the counter. Edible or not she snatches it up in a second. She’s never gotten a hold of one of my cakes thankfully but she did eat one of my icing bags, coupler, tip and all.
Neat thanks for the headsup about the MO club! Here's that recipe
I have no secret recipes. When I’m asked for one I always give it out. I’ve been asked for my vegan cake recipes many times here and on two other non-cake related message boards and I’ve happily posted them. They aren’t really my recipes anyways. I’ve made changes to the originals yes but that still doesn’t make them totally mine. I have this awesome recipe for raspberry mousse cheesecake that I always make for bbq’s and pot-lucks. It gets rave reviews and I’ve...
I ordered the book from Amazon as well. I have tried some of the recipes out of the book and all but one was a disaster. The worst was the Valentine’s Day cake pg 131. I did it exactly like in the book with the filling, syrup etc. It was NASTY. My dh hated it especially the filling. I think it was the crème de cacao that ruined everything. The only one that did work out was the lemon blackberry cake. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either. I used the same idea...
What is the bride's response to all of this?
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