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Thank you so much! I'm on it and I surely need all the help I can get. lol
HELP! It seems like it should be simple to make a peony on top of a cupcake, it NEVER is as easy as it seems! Any ideas or tutorials/video's. I need them by Sat. Thank you in advance y'all!
I'm thinking royal icing then placing them on the cake right before the shower, what do y'all think?
Is there anything I can use to make black scrollwork on bettercreme? It's hot and I'm VERY concerned about bleeding. Advice please y'all...Thanks so much!
Thank you so much!
How much corn syrup do I need to use for a package of white almond bark? Thanks much!
has anyone used this? I'm VERY curious. I'm going to ATTEMPT my first topsy turvy cake, for my sisters 50th birthday..I would love to have a smooth brite white smooth finish, will this work? thanks y'all!
does this taste/resemble bettercream?
don't know if you are wanting to fill with lemon or not, but I did a cake last week and used lemon pie filling put a lemon juice in it and then folded in some fresh whipping cream. I put a thin layer of buttercream on the torted cake first then put it on. Everyone said it was wonderful and refreshing on a hot summer day..GOOD LUCK!
I have that affect on people! I can confuse ANYONE at ANYTIME...without even trying! Thanks for responding's appreciated, no matter what the response..
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