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I think that might be Wilton sugar sheets.  I just seen them at Micheal's and thought about using them for a camo cake I have coming up.
I have heard of a cupcake shop that does this.  I thought it was a great idea as the frosting is by far my favorite part!  lol
Ombre refers to the color.  The Ombre cakes are the ones that start as a darker or brighter color at the bottom and as it goes up the color fades to a light shade.  I would post one but, I have never done one and I don't think I should post other peoples pictures.
I'll be curious to see if you get any answers.  I had this happen recently with pink too.  I made 150 or so little pink fondant (I colored myself from white fondant) flowers to go around the sides of a cake by the time I got done they were all different shades of pink to the lightest being white.  I wasn't sure what happened.  It was like the color just disappeared in them. 
I am not familiar with the recipe you are talking about but, I usually use the Red Velvet Redux Recipe from CC  Just like the recipe says be careful not to over mix. 
I love mine from The Cupcake Tower.  Also, like was previously stated you can easily change out the color of the ribbon to use again and again.  The original purchase was not cheap but, if you think you will reuse it then money well spent.
I am going to try this mousse filling.  It sounds too easy and too good to be  One question I do have.  Is this just the small box of pudding (I think 3.5 oz).  If you already said sorry I didn't see it.  Thank You!
I am supposed to make one of the giant cupcake cakes with the candy melt liners.  I have not made one of these before and I am a little concerned.  First of all it is in the 80's here right now and it is VERY humid and secondly this cake is supposed to travel about 3 hours to its destination.  I am concerned about the candy melt liner not making the trip.  I am afraid it will melt, crack or even worse both.   If anyone has made these and has an opinion I would love to...
If you are looking for that sweet type of frosting SMB is not it.  That being said I am not sure what recipe you used but, SMB does need a lot of flavor vanilla added to it.  More than a traditional buttercream recipe.  SMB also does very well with other flavors added to it (such as pureed fruits or other extracts).  I only use SMB except when the heat comes into play because all of that butter does not always do well in the humidity or hot summer days.
I was taught that caterers cut a smaller round cirlce in the middle of the cake (like a 10 inch round cake you would cut about an 8 inch circle) the cut the outside circle in slices.  So they won't be pie shaped slices they are more rectangular slices. Then slice the inner cirlce.  So if the cake starts as a larger round then you would cut multiple circles.   I hope this makes sense to everyone.  I have done it so it makes sense in my  I think the waste on...
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