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I know years back I used a different brand powdered sugar because it was on sale and my buttercream was super grainy and I could not figure out why. Turns out the powdered sugar that was on sale was made from sugar beets Not sugar cane. You might want to check the bag and see if that is the problem.Don't give up yet!!~ihavasweet2th~
Thank you so much for the quick reply Debi!! I am going to do a test run and see out that works out for me!!! I would love to eliminate the RI as I have never liked working with it!!!
so If I am reading right IndyDebi, you just use modified butter cream right on the cake dummy with no other preparation? That would be great! I always thought I needed to pre-ice it with royal icing and let it set and then ice with the "buttercream" so that the "buttercream" would adhere. Thank you all for your responses, I greatly appreciate it!!
How do you prepare square dummy cakes? I have done it before, covering the dummy cake first with royal icing and then "buttercream" using all crisco shortening and powdered sugar. I am able to get the icing smooth enough that people often ask if it is fondant. It is a lot simpler and cheaper than using fondant especially when no one is going to eat it! I was just wondering if anyone had some hot tips so I could avoid making royal icing, if there is an easier way! Any...
I made a cake several years ago for a guy who shipped by FedEx from Iowa to Denver to his brother and said it made it in perfect condition. I have no idea what it cost or how it was handled but I am sure it was not cheap!!!
Yep what Susan said, substitute the same amount of applesauce for the oil and you won't even know the difference!!~ihavasweet2th~
In answer to jlynnw, you just take the cakes out of the stand to cut and serve. I would take the top two off before taking the bottom one out, as not to throw it off balance and risk the top falling off.
It is definitly worth it. I got my in 1990 to do my sister's wedding cake. It was the first wedding cake I made. I was scared to death. She said "nothing to be nervous about, think of it as 3 cakes put together"!! My mom bought the Floating tier cake stand and that is how I got started making wedding cakes!! Not only have I used it for wedding cakes, I have used it for a graduation cake, to served desserts on it for my children's Confirmation parties, family get...
Tammy, I forgot to thank you for the thread!! It is a great one! Thanks!!~ihavasweet2th~
Thank you for all the replys!! I appreciate everyones help. Bethola, thank you for the hot tip on the Begium Chocolate Truffle cake recipe, it sounds yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to try it!!!~ihavasweet2th~
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