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would i also be able to get the instructions please..thanks in advance for your time.
i was wondering when using a paper towel to make impressions on a buttercream iced cake, are you supposed to let the buttercream crust first before putting the paper towel on or while its still tacky, im assuming you let it crust first but not sure......please help
i freeze cookies with decorated royal icing all the time. i pop them out whenever i need them, just make sure while they are thawing that you leave them be until the condensation disappears or else your design will ruin. they thaw quite quickly as well.
i read on here the other day that some use a brush/blow technique where they blow the glitter off a brush and it goes on nicely to the cake and i would think that it would work better if the icing wasnt crusted yet so it would have something to grab onto. dont take my word for it tho just taking a wild guess.
i think they make this effect by taking florist wire and making the shape they want and than piping royal icing onto the florist wire in the design you want
i have always had trouble with my cakes not rising very high, i used to use betty crocker but i found duncan hines rises better but not high enough. i dont know whether my oven just sucks or what. i have heard of people adding merinque powder to the cake mix to make it rise higher. i was wondering if this works and can i use it with box mixes or will it conflict with the ingredients already in it.
Its always easiest to make black by starting with chocolate icing first and tinting that black you'll use less colouring that way or you can start with white buttecream and add enough black colour so that it looks like a dark grey and leave it overnight and the next day it will darken to black. This has always worked for me using wilton icing colours (no americolor where i live).
I would think the cream cheese needs to stay in the fridge so that where i would keep the cake just to make sure every thing stays fresh, the colours should be fine I put buttercream cakes in the fridge all the time until they are ready to shipout, never had a problem yet.
thanks so much your help is much appreciated
I had a question about pricing. I have read posts about prices that are charged in the US but they sound higher than what people charge here in Canada so i was just wondering if anyone had any info about canadian cake prices mainly 1/4 1/2 full slab cakes & rounds character or not character and shaped cakes from the wilton character pans. Im just starting out and people want prices and i dont have any yet please help me!!!!
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