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i dont think it will matter that the end is rounded, it should still work fine, however i use wooden dowels as i find them more cost effective. I buy long wooden dowel rods from home depot and cut them to size. I wash well before using. The only place to purchase plastic dowels around here is michaels so wooden ones work better for me.
I just made this size of sheet cake the other day. I let the cake cool in the pan for 10min. Then I lined the kitchen counter with a large enough piece of plastic wrap. I flip the cake quickly out onto the counter and wrap the plastic wrap up the side and over the top of the cake. I lifted the entire cake onto a wooden cakeboard which is usually around 11x15 so it works great. Then into the freezer it goes for a couple hours and voila, you will be able to work with it much...
I have this happen when i take a cake from the freezer and decorate it or its already been decorated and is coming out of the freezer this starts happening because as the cake thaws the moisture needs somewhere to go. The only solution ive found is either decorate it and then when it goes into the fridge it dries out. If its already decorated coming from the freezer it needs to go in the fridge for a few hours first before going straight to room temp so it has time to...
Freezing them always works for me. I have never had any issues with the filling. I torte, fill, freeze than decorate always.
the b's and p's drive me mad. I so need a new cutter set but I think I will have to order online. The middle of the A cutter has fallen out to boot. I cant find any other than wiltons locally.
I use the walmart icing sugar when i dont feel like going anywhere else cause its close. Ive never had a problem with the amounts, they always seem to be correct however I get alot of lumps in my icing and if I put the sugar in a plastic container it goes rock hard within a day compaired to the other brands which consistency doesnt change regardless of the container they are kept in. Theres definitely something different about this sugar but it works if you're in a jam.
I have an order for a dog the bounty hunter cake. Ive been looking for some photos to view everywhere for some ideas and inspiration and cant seem to find any anywhere other than one from cakecentral. Do you know of any photos available that I could take a peek at to get some ideas from? Thanks
I would like White Chocolate as well, its one of my most frequently ordered flavours and it would be easier and more cost effective to be able to use a flavouring instead.
Freezing fondant is no problem. I do it all the time and the cakes come out perfect. They do however get sticky as muddpuppy said and a wet look but i find if i take the cake from the freezer to the fridge and leave it there for 8 hrs or so the wet look goes away. Also be careful if the cake has been painted that the colours sometimes run.
I freeze all my cakes. I am a busy working mom and i just dont have time to bake and decorate all at the same time. My cakes frequently get compliments on their taste so i dont believe freezing them is hindering the taste any and I still have time for eveything else in life! Its personal preference really.
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