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wow....What awesome cakes I've seen so far! It's just amazing how many cakes you miss....I really thought I had seen most all of them by now.....but apparently not.Here is my "undernoticed" cake. put a lot of time and energy into this cake for My daughter, and I was very proud of the finished product....but it just didn't seem to get noticed for some reason.
Ok...I'm gonna try to add the pic again! IF it doesn't come through, the cake is the last pic added to my gallery. Basketweave heart cake.
I made this cake for my Daughter's Bridal Shower, and one of the guests wanted a price, because she wants the same cake for her wedding. (different colors though).The cakes are all 2-layer, and they are 14in, 10in, and 6in. All are iced with White Choc. raspberry buttercream. The flowers were all made with Royal Icing. I really hadn't given any thought to what I would charge for it, because I made it for my Daughter. It took alot of time.Thanks,Sherry
Does anyone own the floating heart cake stand by wilton? I am thinking of buying one, but would like to know if the plates are interchangeable???It comes with 16, 12, and 8 inch plates, and I'm wondering if you can just switch those out with different sizes????TIASherry
I always used the "Salted". Makes it less sweet.Sherry
Here is my most saved cake. (Cameo Mothers day cake) I was surprised by how many people actually saved it, because it isn't really a cake that I put alot of time into, but I enjoyed doing it. I would have thought my Diaper bag cake would have gotten more. hope I did this right!
So...does it freeze well? I never thought of that, but I would love to stock up on it!I'm gonna try the Chocolate Carmel tomorrow....I can't wait! It's a little darker though, so I'm sure my icing will be more of a tan color.
OMG...I didn't realize it was double layers! I wouldn't go any lower than 125.00!And as I said...I usually sell on the lower end.Sherry
I would charge 80-85 dollars for that cake, but I usually charge on the low end. It's a beautiful cake by the way!Sherry
I finally tried the White Choc. Raspberry coffee creamer in a batch of Buttercream's wonderful! I HIGHLY recommend it!I was just sorry that I didn't get to eat the Cake! I think I'll make a choc. fudge cake tomorrow with it for the family!HAPPY BAKING!
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