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Awesome! Thanks Jodie! I totally missed this one last year. Will definitely get letters out and notify the local bakers that I know.Debbie
"Exactly! I once told a bride "then make your own wedding dress -- it's just material and thread."
I always like the "it's just a cake" or "it's just a cupcake". It was IndyDebi that used the saying about taking 150 ppl dressed in formal attire to a restaurant for dessert and seeing if you can get it for $5 per serving (or something similar). I like that one - and have used it!
That's great! I'll have to remember that!
I had a bride contact me for a large 5 tier GOLD cake sitting on smaller gold satellite cakes for her wedding at an upscale DC location. It was going to be in the grand entryway so it needed to be big and impressive. She wanted real gold leaf not "that paint stuff". I gave her a price and she nearly choked! She said she really didn't need that much cake to actually eat so what would it cost if I used mostly fake tiers. I gave her the same price. She told me that was...
I'm with leah_ on this one. I'll send them my contract and base prices prior for them to review and decide if they're interested in meeting with me. They give me an idea of what they're looking style and size wise sometimes sending me pictures. We meet and taste and go over everything - draw it up and sign.
Me too - me too! I received a call for a sweet 16 birthdy party. Something "fun" with polka dots, lots of fondant loopy bows and curly wires with fondant balls. Oh, and "we're already spending a lot on the limo, dinner at the restaurant and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for everyone so I didn't want to spend much on the cake." Sure - let me make that for you! I did end up making the cake - but for full price!
With the color difference I would guess that it was either stencilled on ivory fondant using white frosting or RI or that it was done using a textured rolling pin then mabye "painted" white using a roller to hit just the top layer. Very pretty!
Fondant will firm up but it doesn't get hard on the cake. The moisture in the buttercream beneath it will keep it from that. Also, the color on premade fondant is fine. It's not like everyone will be chewing on a chunk of fondant - just a thin layer covering one side of their slice of cake. I've never had a complaint from anyone with either Satin Ice or MMF.
Satin Ice does cost a little more but it tastes much better than Wilton and you can roll it thinner to use - so, though it costs more - you'll use less of it. You can also try making a single batch of MMF - adding the color before adding your icing sugar to see if you can get the color you're looking for. MMF is easy to make and inexpensive. It also tastes good and is easy to work with. You can also flavor it during the mixing process using Lorrane flavors if you want...
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