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I have a Cannon that was purchased from IcingImages. The older Cannon's had major clogging issues but I haven't found that with the newer models. I've had this one for 3 years now. A friend had an Epson but her supplier just replaced it with a Cannon for her because she was having so many issues with it. I'm not sure where she purchased hers.I would definitely recommend the Cannon!Debbie
Thank you!
I can't find the facebook page
Yea - if they would work easily - they'd be great! I've tried them with different kinds of fondant at different thicknesses using both crisco under them to nothing under them to pwd sugar and corn starch behind them and with gumpaste and nothing works well.
I wish I could get lettering, etc out of my tappits and other small cutters! By the time I get them out they're distorted.
I made a cake for a friend for her BF's 30th - 2 tier whimsical cake in teal and black - she dropped it when she got home. I got a desperate phone call - "do you have an extra cake i can have to use?" duh - no?!
I use luster dust and vodka as well. I don't use extract because I don't want my fondant to taste like whichever extract I used.Debbie
I still have trouble with red and black no matter which brand / how much I use.
Awesome! Thanks for the update! Will see if I can find anyone that might be able to attend.Debbie
You can make it in another program and print it out. It doesn't have to be done in the Kopykake program (if that's what you're using.Debbie
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