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I've been at several parties where my cakes have been served - and one wedding. It amazes me how many people cut out a 5 or 6 inch square hunk of cake and lop it on a plate and then how much of that gets thrown away! I stepped in at the wedding - and they ended up with extra cake - for family parties I provide bigger cakes and have educated them in how to cut a cake.
That's the end I use too
I use a bottle opener very carefully! My counter tops sparkle enough without the dust!
I've done a few of these. We made the wedges ourselves using styrofoam dummies - some styrofoam dummy providers will also cut them for you. I deliver these unassembled and stack them at the venue. I also had someone pick one up and showed them how to stack them when they got it home with no problems. I cut a piece of non skid shelf liner and place it on top of the wedge and then the next tier gets placed on top of that. Hope that helps!
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
I have the larger one which I loved until I got my edible image printer - now it just sits there
Thanks everyone. I'll be checking back on ideas and running everything by my son. I'll let everyone know what we come up with.Debbie
Thank you. My son picked out a YuGiOh! card named "Beckoning Light" that I was thinking of using. I've also pulled up pictures of balloon releases that I thought would work. Just trying to figure out what to do with the card if I use it - was thinking of substituting "In Loving Memory" or "Celebrating the Life of" with his name or something at the bottom where the cards powers are usually listed.Any other suggestions - thoughts?Thanks,Debbie
We will be attending a Celebration of Life for a 16 yr old friend of my son that passed away on Valentine Day after a 2 year battle with cancer. They are asking that everyone bring a dish. I am tossing around the idea of also bringing a cake but am having a hard time with a design for the cake. The Celebration is being held at a local church. My son knew him through weekly Yu-gi-oh! tournaments where they have both been playing for a few years. Any suggestions or...
I'm with you on this one! I've done two tutorials and have answered endless PM's as to how to do something i've done. I love to share and and glad when i'm able to help someone with something they're having trouble with. Take a look at my first cowboy hat cake - I still get PM's and comments on this one on specific questions which is fine BUT the "e-mail me directions at __________ e-mail address and nothing more? - if they would read any of the comments they would...
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