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I haven't used the chocolate Fondarific because I use the Satin Ice chocolate but I don't know why it wouldn't work. I do find Fondarific to be softer though. If you don't get enough of an impression you can use a knife to add wood grain after the fact. Satin Ice isn't as "black" after you get it out and work it and I think it tastes like tootsie rolls!Debbie
Thanks for the ideas! I'll have to do a trial run to see how they taste and hold up - i'm sure the girls at work won't mind - they're my guinea pigs )Debbie
I'm looking for a good white chocolate cream cheese frosting recipe to use on cupcakes that will hold up to the swirl. I've found two recipes on CC - one doesn't have any feedback and one doesn't address if it's good for piping or not. Any suggestions?Thanks!
I think that sometimes the brides worry too much about what the guests tastes might be. I met with a bride last week that was so confused that even after meeting with 4 bakers she had no idea what she wanted because so many people were telling her what "they" wanted instead of letting her go with what her and her fiance wanted. I helped a friend make a wedding cake a couple months ago that we both thought was pretty ugly - design and color wise and we were pretty sure...
I had a bride go as far as to send me an emply envelope in the mail return receipt and I had to take off of work to run to the post office to sign for it! I called her and told her that if I didn't have cash in hand by the end of the following day she wouldn't have a cake. She showed up that evening with cash and no excuse. Cake turned out beautifully and she's ordered several cakes from me since with no problems!Debbie
Thanks! That's what I was thinking.
I've wondered about using eggs from a local farm. I love their eggs for my family to eat but was afraid that if (heaven forbid) someone got sick or something I wouldn't be able to provide good proof of purchase or batch number, etc. Any thoughts on this?
Pillsbury! Problem is so many places are replacing their Pillsbury white with funfetti and you can't take the sprinkles out of the funfetti. When I find the white I stock up!
Great! Thank you for your suggestions! Debbie
I just spent a pretty scary week in the hospital. while most of my nurses were nice there was one in particular that went well above and beyond for me while I was there. I wanted to make her a "Thank you". I looked under "nurse" on CC but can't seem to find what i'm looking for! I'm between a nurse or medical theme or just a nicely decorated "thank you" cake. I can also do cupcakes or cookies just can't seem to find the right one. Any suggestions?Thanks!
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