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It was done with a spatula. I did a wedding cake similar to the second one a couple years back.
At least one per guest. 300 guests = 300 servings.
I'm looking at the Cannon MP560 as well. Staples has it right now for $100 and amazon has it for $84.99 and free shipping. I love(d) my cannon IP6000D but am having print head issues and can't count on it to print well for me when I need it The MP560 is also set up for wireless which would be great! Let me know how you like yours when you get it.ThanksDebbie
I haven't read all of these but wanted to say / add that I use coffee stirrers (sp) or for a lot of wires together a straw. If you need to hold the wire tight in the straw you can fill the straw with chocolate so they don't move around.Debbie
Tell her that you're sorry that you're not able to make her happy and have her order one from somewhere else and pay for it! That'll show her just how "cheap" you are!
Could it just be a wire-in ribbon? You could stick it in a stirr straw before sticking it into the cake if you're not sure if it's food safe.
I print out of word, excel and paint too. You don't need a graphics package to be able to print.Debbie
I've used the stencils with buttercream over crusted buttercream with no problems. That being said - I still wouldn't let the bride dictate to me what she will get for what price! Debbie
Do you have any Fondarific? Maybe try molding a piece and see how it holds up. I use it occasionally but i've never molded with it.
It looks like the stripes are marked into the fondant then painted with luster dust.
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