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I use buttercream on buttercream and royal over fondant. Both work well.
I just had this same problem. I used an entire bottle of americolor to one batch of buttercream. I got more of a red-orange. I just uploaded pictures of the cake - looks more red in the pictures.
Thank you RaeI got a late start on decorating the cake so I didn't get to try the CC. I will definitely try it out soon so I'll know how it will work when I need it!My red was okay ~ I used yellow trim to make the red seem darker and it helped. I was still not happy with how much color I had to use to get the color I did get. I feel sorry for the mom when she has to clean up her little boy after he plays with his smash cake!I'll post a picture soon so everyone can see...
Great! These colors work extremely well and leave no taste.Let us know how it works!Rae[/quote]Thanks! Will let you know!One question ~ does it have to sit overnight when using CC?
I use the perfectly chocolate frosting recipe on the side of Hershey's Cocoa. It's delishious and covers, spreads, smooths well! I don't know about green though - I don't think it will work for color.
I've heard of that also TexasSugar ~ I didn't replace my liquid with the color as it would have taken much more than one bottle but I did replace part of the liquid with it - I did use an entire bottle of Americolor Super Red.
Thanks everyone. It is now red-orange after sitting overnight. It's too late to start with pink but I do have crystal colors at home. I use them for gumpaste flowers - i've never tried coloring buttercream with it. Will have to add that this evening and keep my fingers crossed!
Has anyone tried his colors yet?
I have one batch of buttercream ~ 1 cup butter + 1 cup hi ratio shortening + 2 lbs pwd sugar and one entire bottle of Super Red Americolor = Orange frosting. Exactly how many bottles of Super Red Americolor should it take to make one batch of buttercream actually turn Red and not Orange? I'm not seeing where it is any better than Wilton or any other color i've tried. Sorry ~ just venting I guess. It's never worked before. Not sure why I would expect it to work this...
They're darn expensive at the grocery store!
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