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I just piped stars on the two camo cakes I made.
I'll be making a baby shower cake that looks like a book for a bring a book baby shower. Looking for a cute saying - maybe something having to do with feet? Baby footprints are on the invitations and they would like to incorporate that into the book if possible. They do not know if the baby is a boy or a girl.Thanks!
Smooth the cake and let the frosting set up then wrap the stencil and use buttercream with the stencil. Not sure what you mean by letting the royal icing dry?
I use 1/2 butter and 1/2 high ratio. I wondered if it was different for butter vs. high ratio too.
Thanks Debbie ~ I'll give you a call on Tuesday
Debbie ~ I'm in Joppa, MD. You made my first edible image for my son several years ago when you were still in MD. I met you at the first VA wedding cake show also.I'm attempting to include a link to the picture. Just a simple graduation sheet cake with a fondant grad hat on it.
Well . . . . . it worked!My frosting sheets were the thicker ones so I took a chance and it worked out fine! I did do a "test run" using an extra butterfly I had printed out in yellow ~ I smeared a bit of the chocolate frosting on a cake board and applied the butterfly and let it sit while I decorated a white cake and then frosted the chocolate cake - it still looked good so I went ahead and applied my image to the chocolate cake. I delivered both cakes last night and...
That's what I was afraid of. I read the description on the ones I saw in the gallery and they didn't seem to be on fondant - I was hoping I could get away without it.
I have two graduation cakes for tomorrow. One on white buttercream and one of chocolate buttercream. I've seen lots of cakes on CC that have edible images on chocolate buttercream but i've never tried it myself. Has anyone had trouble with using one on chocolate buttercream?Thanks!
I just posted a picture of the cake - it's a #1 first birthday cake with a smash cake. The picture looks very red!
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