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I haven't noticed any changes enough to keep from using it. You can always try it on a small strip to see what it does to your particular ribbon. With so many different types of ribbon out there I'd hate to say it absolutely won't make subtle changes to your ribbon.
When I use fabric ribbon I fold a piece of wax paper in 1/2 (wax side in) and place the ribbon inside and iron. The wax transfers to the ribbon so it won't absorb the oil/moisture from the frosting or bleed into the frosting. I haven't had a problem with the ribbon color changing from the was either. Works like a charm!
I just spray a very fine mist on the fondant or a damp pastry brush.
I've done a few "cow" cakes. I just roll out the black and take a knife and cut out random shapes - think clouds. . .
indydebi ~ I like the way you think!
Thanks everyone! I usually use the Pillsbury white but it's getting hard to find around here. I do usually use the DH chocolate though. It seemed okay and the scraps tasted fine ) I hope they like as much as they like my Pillsbury - they're a regular customer!
I used a white Duncan Heins cake mix lastnight for a cake. The cake is decorated and ready to go today. I didn't realize until this morning that I used whole eggs and not egg whites only. Hopefully it'll still be okay! Has anyone ever done this? What was the outcome?Is there a substitution or recipe change for when using whole eggs vs egg whites?Thanks!Debbie
I use the recipe on the hersheys coco can. It's delish and gets rave reviews - it also has a nice dark brown color.edited to add - it smooths nicely too!
It was well worth the money I spent on it! I love it and would recommend it to anyone that makes cakes.
I found it to be very yummy however I had a hard time working with it because it was soft and stretched when I picked it up to cover the cake. It also stuck when I cut out circles to use on cookies but with them being smaller I could stick it in the freezer for a few minutes so it would firm up.
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