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Need ideas for a small (20+) cake for Father's Day and Princess Birthday Cake.  The theme is King and Princess.  I was thinking of doing a crown and a tiara but not sure what to "say" on the cake.  Any ideas for the cake or the saying?  The birthday princess is turning 4.   Thanks!
Thanks for the ideas!  I'll post what I decide to go with!
The farm where I board is having a bonfire next Friday evening.  Everyone is bringing a dish - I was asked to make the dessert/cake.  The "party" is a celebration of all of the horses owned by or boarded at the farm that have passed in the last few years.  Any suggestions on a fitting tribute in dessert form?  Thanks!
No words of wisdom? It's been so long since i've made photo cookie favors i'm not sure what to charge. What about a price per cookie?
I am making party favors for a corporate 50th anniversery party. Each package will contain two 2.5" - 3" NFSC cookies with a 2" photo image on fondant on it. I will be wrapping each cookie and placing them in containers provided by the company - tying the ribbons with an added company logo tag on them (also provided by the company). It's been a while since i've made photo cookie favors and i'm not sure what to charge. Thank you for any suggestions! Oh, i'm making 47...
I'm on my second edible image printer - both Cannons. Currently I have an MP530. It's a printer and scanner. It's cheaper to pick up a printer locally then order the cartridges. My friend has an Epson and it's down more than it works. I definitely like the Cannons better.
I haven't frosted or filled them yet. I will more than likely just freeze them - if my son hasn't attacked them yet when I get home!Thanks on what to say to them - I like the way you worded it better than the way it kept coming up from my keyboard when I went to reply!
I have a wedding consultant that I have gotten two cake referrals from and received both cake jobs. I received an e-mail from her about another upcoming wedding and asking about setting up a meeting with a tasting for the bride and groom. I conduct tastings at my home, at the shop or if convenient even at their homes. Their home in this case is an hour away ~ which is not convenient. I ended up agreeing to meeting at their home with some time restrictions. The tasting...
I use the recipe right off of the Hershey's Cocoa can for Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Frosting. It's yummy, easy to make and crusts for smoothing.
I'm looking for silver pillars for a wedding cake. Push in would be great but will consider others. I've seen silver pillars but haven't been able to locate any to purchase. I do not want the Wilton silver wrapped pillars.Thanks for any help locating these!
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