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Maybe you should take a look at that website Jason referenced earlier? - looks like it might have some good info...
The true southern RVC icing is the boiled icing. I always find the recipe, listed in the link above, to be too gritty. I use PS instead of much better and tastes the same.
Cakeboss is a one-of-a-kind software and it's worth the cost and so much more. Compared to other software prices, it's actually quite a steal. Think about how much a photographer pays for Photoshop. Or an architect for AutoCad. Don't be cheap.
If there is more than 10 bad reviews you should wonder about the quality of the bakery...and it's I'm-better-than-everyone owner. If she can't take the heat, then she shouldn't be in the biz...isn't that what all the "greats" on here tell the newbs.K8 - take the advice you gave me awhile back...stfu. Go ahead and post whatever you like. You're so ass backwards you mostly end up arguing with yourself anyway.
Isn't this snarkybaker's shop....? (Mod edited to remove link.)
A seal? Seriously? Do they even know what a seal is? Anyway, your cake is looks exactly like the sketch (except for the board, but the clouds are cuter IMO). I wouldn't spend any more time worrying about her...and I wouldn't refund a cent. Next time, she can be Walmart's problem.
Lol, yeah that's my ring. I've changed my avatar though.
You can run Cake Boss on a Mac if you have Parallels.
Only if I can go too!
Summer! That's not PC.
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