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I am making a mud cake and so far it has been bakinf for just under 2 hour s! And still very soft in the middle. What am I doing wrong? I used Pam's Chocolate Mud cake recipe, doubled for a 10"X 3 cake with a 2"collar. Thanks anyone
Thank you Jan again! You always have the info I need
Can someone please enlighten me on how to make a cake collar, for a taller cake? Thanks in advance ("
Thank you all so much for all this information! I love the look of the wonky cakes, and knew there had to be some unusual thing just b/c of the extremeness of the designs.So basically ganache is it for the filling? As it were Pam, yours was the recipe I planned on trying out! haha Do you also have a ganache recipe you prefer?Taya has a tutorial which I wanted to try out as well: the upside down method. I'm pretty nervous , but plan on diving in tomorrow, wish me luck on...
I wondered if my CC friends from Australia and surrounding parts, would be able to tell me the difference between a mud cake and the American basic cake. I understand it is more dense,however, is it moist as well? Additionally, can you use a regular filling in it, such as mousse? I am going to be attempting my first Wonky cake (Planet cake style) and I want it to be filled but stable, and moist. Thank you any and all who share their knowlege on this subject!Ski ("
Hi Ana,I would look at this video that Eliza S. made, although she used styrofoam, the principle shape will be the same, depending on the breed of dog. Make sure you have plenty of drying time .
Wow great job on that board!!!!
I recently did one, I used a mesh wire to get my scales, for wood you can either draw out your wood planks and lines on fondant, or use liner paper that looks like wood.
Awesome! Love your figures!
Does anyone have a good way to quick dry/set figures,especially people?TIA,Ski ("
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