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You should get right around 12 on a single cross pan. You can always add a 1/4 or 1/2 sheet base to extend the servings.
I think MYOM on this site gives clear instructions on the cooking process for isomalt. The coral is just, coloring it, then place either an ice block, or mounted ice on your work surface (silicone or silpat works nice-inside a pan/excess dripping water from ice) pour the sugar over the ice and as the ice melts you will get your coral.
What an awesome idea! Less mess and waste...coolio!!! Thanks!
I have been infusing different liquors into my cakes,usually 2parts water,1 part liquor. I personally haven't had much luck with the Baileys(not a very distinct flavor). I had a request for it, and ended up using it in my filling instead. that turned out good!
I have brushed Jack Daniel's whiskey mixed with a little simple syrup on the cake layer, (water+sugar,warmed) then put the ganache on. Turned out yummy.
Thanks all! I just let it sit in water and it dissolved by itself. great point Leah, I tend to be impatient with cleanups. lol
Evening all (or mornin")!Anyone have a suggestion for cleaning a poured sugar pan (isomalt),can get the stuff off for anything! TIA,Ski ("
I had the same thing happen, it was one where I had to place the chip on myself. I finally got fed up and purch a new individual cartridge, with the chip already on it. Did the trick!
Thanks everyone, Aussies and Japan! I reaally appreciate everyone help your advice have been very much appreciated...I hope I can be amongst those who are proud of their mud cakes..and wonkies! Cheers!
Thanks Genie! Happy Australia Day! It smells delish I am going to make some cuppies to try out! Didn't use the nail, but will on this next one. Have a great holiday! Ski ("
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