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Anyone purchased this yet? Do you like it? Is it worth the price? pros/Cons???
Thanks Mrs_A I did get a reply from a lovely Pam Doyle, love her chocolate recipe and now her White chocolate, any of you across the pond that know her please give her a giant hug from me!
I used a recipe for white chocolate mud cake. 350gwhite choc.,225g butter,600ml water,3 eggs, 400 castor, 400 self rising flour. 150C Soooo 3 hours later, what I have is a soup, whose top looks like melted butter and when stirred (yes unfortunately stirred) looks like very soft cottage cheese.Can any of you pro mud cake makers tell me what has gone wrong ? I have a very large cake, for a very special client who, like I ,fell in love with mud cake. This is the only...
It's an armature made from PVC pipe, which allows you to make a stand up cake, like a person standing. It's cool, but I am a little concerned about the stability of the cake.
I am trying to figure out how to insure the cakes don't slip on the BMan armature. Anyone use this one yet? Pointers? Stability of the base in transport? TIA ("
Thanks for all your replies all, it was way expired Meringue powder. Did a traditional RI with egg whites, no problemo. That of course was after making 3 attempts with the powder..Then it occured tome that most things do expire at some point...last year.soooooooooooooooooooooo I have my end product .
I am using merigue powder. 3T.Meringue powder, 3oz. water--4c.pwd sugar. It will not stiffen up for anything! It has been raining here so I'm guessing humity issues, but I need this icing fast! Making flowers for Saturday. Any and all suggestions would be very appreciated!! Thanks so much!Ski )"
I use both frequently, modeling chocolate taste better IMHO and is much easier as it doesn't harded fast like fondant. That being said, to adhere is a bit difficult if you are covering stuff, compared to fondant, because fondant is just a dab of water, So, I have opted to do a mix of 50/50, this allows me the flexibilty,time and taste of MC, and the adherence of the fondant. Also you can roll MC thinner w/o cracking.
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Mud Cake is the deal!!!! Try Pam's on this site I Love it!
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