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Awesome ideas Cindy and Twinkie, I am going to test both to see how they work! Thanks !Twinkie, I have wanted to try freeze spray, where do you get it?
Thanks for the replies (" I am going to try to put piping gel on them, and see if it my adhere better. wish me luck ("
Hi all!Does anyone have a particular way they get RKT to stay on PVC pipe (armature) I have heard some how incorporating white chocolate into the mix for more firmness. But I am clueless. I have been squishing them around it but still very unstable. I have appendages for a monkey I need really stable for a car ride. thanks to any and all replies/suggestions.Ski ("
Wow Jaimelt76 great tutorial thanks for the link! Yums your sunflower is awesome! I will try both methods, only need 3.Thanks again!!! ("
Does anyone know if there is a 5" or 6" sunflower cutter? or Has anyone made sunflowers this size? I have the PME 4" however I need it to be larger. Thanks ("
No, what I mean is once you follow the basic steps to thee ganache, and it is ready for icing the cake, keep it covered as opposed to leaving the bowl uncovered as you ice. The exposure to the air hardens it. You can always rewarm it to soften it back up, however that just adds time to the whole process. Hope that makes sense.
If you don't keep it covered (the ganache) it gets really dense like fudge, and becomes more difficult to use. Derby?
Actually Taya's tutorial is really put together good. About the only thing I could add , is if you are using ganache to coat before the fondant, realize it is easier to use as soon as it sits up. Slightly pliable is easier to spread, and be sure to keep it covered always, the air plays havoc with it otherwise. You are going to love it, so much fun!!!! Good Luck! ("
Gee did I ask the wrong question ? Or maybe there are no cake decorators from Seattle? Oh wait this site is based out of there right? haha
Hi All! I wondered if any of you Seattle area decorators could give me an idea what the average prices are for a 3D carved cake are? I have my own prices here but I have a client coming in from Seattle and I would like to insure I am in her comfort zone. If you could look at my cakes that might give you a better idea of my style. Thanks ("
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