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Don't know how soon ya need it, but when I helped out in my friends bakery, I discovered brown sugar Splenda doesn't leave an after taste like the regular Splenda does. Anytime I make a diabetic cake I make that substitute. Also you can pretty much make any flavor of yummy icing just using sugar free pudding with less milk and a touch of meringue powder. Under 20 grams of sugar is the lee way for diabetics I believe.
Thanks everyone I'm blown away! Kris it won't be hard to remember'll be right next to me!
My friend Kris just told me she posted this, I am humbled. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! And Kris thank you for always being my best cheerleader, you are awesome!
Someone submitted a cake entry for the newest contest, and it shows how they did it. As for using PVC, two things, you can bend it by using a heat gun or blow torch for a couple of seconds then bend the pipe (wear leather gloves) second melt marshmellows and smear onto the pvc b/f you wrap it with rkt or modeling chocolate. Here is the horse link:
JUst did this and it is awesome! 5 drops royal blue, 3 drops black, 3 drops violet
I go all the time, It is not a look around and find store. It is a food warehouse supplier. Therefore, you have to know specifically what you want . It is all in bulk, such as Satin Ice in 20lbs., Rasperry Filling 40 lbs. etc. They don't have a list to look at, you have to tell them , IE Dawn white buttercream , or Henry and Henry chocolate ganache I would recommend, gathering a list of all the stuff you want , then calling ahead, place your order, then pick it up.
Self taught here and lots of online friending!
Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to Cindy for the marshmellow tip, it totally worked!
brilliant! thanks ("
Anyone have a good method for preventing ganache from sticking to back of the next layer board? Have to "build" a cake around an armature, before I foondant the whole thing. Thanks to all!Ski ("
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