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I just moved to Western NY and am having a terrible time with my RKT's can't get them to set. I know this humidity is horrible right now, any suggestions on getting it to harden for sculpting????
Usually I will make a cake board covered in contact paper for the bottom of the cakes, I will go in 1/2 inch smaller than the cake.
Along with the measuring guage, you can just cut it with a multi-use ribbon cutter, roll it up and then slightly dampen your cake border and unroll around like a champ!
I'm trying to find a better airbrush with more precise accuracy. I already have Kopykake Airmaster variable. Any suggestions????
yes it is a traditional red velvet cake icing.
I just moved from Oklahoma City to Buffalo, New York. I can't find any cake or baker shops anywhere to purchase supplies. Ie: buckets of icing, divert sugar, fondant. I did go to Bakemark, but the store is limited and very expensive. Any suggestions???
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