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You just have to play around and see which appeals to you. There aren't any rules on mediums. Pastillage and gumpaste will produce a firmer product, candy clay gives pliability, and fondant attaches better, and marzipan adds a flavor variation. For me, I like the 50/50 combo of candy clay and fondant, it allows the pliabily I need for sculpting, slower dry out time, and no attachment problems. JMHO ("
Yep, you can mix the colors. The white tends to be alottle heavier, therefore you may need to cloean your brush out a little to remove build up,similar to when using super pearl.
Yep around 1 -1.15 hrs. It does help if you place a flower nail in the center to conduct better. Also, due to the added time, it also helps to place a piece of parchment paper covering the top of the tin, helps with crusting.
It doesn't matter , just add a lot of powder sugar to stiffen it up, then make a rope, by hand rolling it .
Here's a link to Kris's pic of cookie monster cake and how she put it together
Since your cake is gonna be buttercream and not fondant, I would say make the snakes in varying poses out of rice krispy treats which are attached to/through dowel rods(better support), then cover them in fondant or candy clay. Then you will be able to just pop them around and on the cake. Might use foam core or thicken cardboards to pop the sticks through if need be.
Do the pin again, but this time try smoothing the fondant from the top down to the bottom, until the air is released. A lot of times an air bubble happens if you haven't let a cold cake set to room temp before you cover it. Also when rolling out your fondant always try to catch the smaller bubbles before you cover. Last, when you cover, make sure you smooth the top and top sides all the way around before continuing downward.
Good call on that call. She will prob need a nice TLC treat after baby anyway! Just a very quick (probably already known fact) I did a diabetes seminar (I'm type 2) We ate whatever we wanted , then took our readings 1.5 hrs. later. Mine was 185. They had us immediately walk around the venue for 30 min., retook our readings , that 30 minute walk brought my sugar down to 90. It was a huge eye opener. They said it is such a simple solution;a 30 min walk, to help control your...
You could always do a "King of the Hill" hill, with a couple of paintball figures around and on top, in paintball gear. I'd find out what his face mask and which gun he uses, then try to replicate them on the cake. Or if you are adventurous make the face mask (life size) out of cake, the gun in RKT's and use the "hill" as part of the background. Here are a cople of links to some...
Here is a link to an excellent article all about ganache, it explains every possible HTH ("
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