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Well said Bluehue!
I've been making their method to great reviews!
Either method would work;cake or RKT. just trim it to fit
Just order from Global Sugar Art it will be at his hotel when he gets there, they usually only take a day for places in NY, since they are in NY.
oh cool that will make looking more pleasant thanks!
All of your questions are answered on the video, just pause it like every 2 seconds and you can see every single question you have answered. It is gonna take some time to see everything.
I would love to see a tweak to the photos of the day, whereby you can return to the cake you left off at. Often I want to comment on a cake, however, I know if I stray then I will have to start all over again at looking at the new cakes. Too time comsuming .
Same way as any other. Always remember to quickly press the top sides all the way around first, before pressing the whole side. This technique prevents the cake from pulling at the bottom and potentially ripping.
I watched this video til I couldn't any more, for my first dog cake. After the first , it becomes much easier. You can pause it anywhere if you need to.
Seriously, after messing with red color over the years, I just buy the already colored primary colored fondant. Less mess and less change to the flavor.
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