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Hi all I recently came across an old post in which MacsMom shared a huge list of both cake flavor ideas and recipes. I wondered if anyone had tried the ice cream in your cake batter. I would like to try it but am unclear on how and what to substitute?? Anyone who has actually tried this, what was your outcome? Thanks any and all for responding, and Thanks to everyone for sharing your baking secrets on here, I seriously do appreciate it!
have the bulldog drinking the beer
I actually picked up a Crofton mixer with bowl from Aldi's just for a back-up. It was 24.99 and is a serious rock star!
Am looking for a decorator in Jamica, for a birthday cake. Please pm for details.
How about "Superman holding up a baseball, instead of the world
I received that same email (it has been looping for 2 years) Before everyone panics about such emails, ALWAYS do further research. The article on further states if the packaging is correct, and unopened it won't contain spores anyway. I tell everyone, whenever you get emails with "scare" stories in them, always verify the information BEFORE you forward it, to eliminate scaring more people w/ false, or partial information.
check out www.cakesbyroxanne.comShe is an awesome decorator give her a shot!
go to try to find the exact pistol you want , then place it on the sides of the cake , carve it out. Very easy technique
Thanks all, I have tried the hobby stores, never tried an electronic supply will go in that direction next. As always your quick responses are very appreciated! Stay warm everybody!! ("
Has anyone come across a location to buy small things, lights, motors etc...? Also anyone fond a small turntable to rotate a cake on for a special effect?
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