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Can anyone tell me if rolled buttercream needs to set before using or can it just be made and used immediately? Esp. for topping sugar cookies.   TIA
Haven't used it before but am going to this week. Wondered if it needs to be rested like fondant, or can it be used immediately?   TIA 
Thanks Jenise and Lisa! I just looked at a Blogett I think you are probably right on all points. Right now the recipes and the expense are probably what I need. I haven't heard of using Quickbooks, will diffinitely look into it now! Thanks again!
This used to be a great website for info and sharing lately no one seems to want to share...sad
Just getting started finally, with full time cake biz. A couple of questions;1. Best Commercial Convection Oven? probably smaller 5 shelf2. Walk-ins, both cooler and freezer any preference?3. Cake Boss program, like it? worth it? that't all for now, I'm sure I'll have lots more questions later. Thanks!Ski ("
Yes I would diffinitely incorporate the Mockingjay pin as it has such importance throughout the whole book.. You could just make it out of either GP, or 1/2 and 1/2 candy clay and fondant; just let it sit for a day or two to dry then prop it up on the top of the book. The bow made the same way and thread or fishing line .Man I hope someone lets me make one of those cakes, so jealous
You could use baby pink and add a drop of orange
I have been asked so many times how I made my human heart cake, so I thought it would be easier to just post the instructions: regular shaped heart cakes (8”), cooled and filled.Then carve to look more anatomical; ice with Buttercream.For the valves, I cut out holes in the cake, ice the holes then airbrush black on that BC.I then covered the cake with fondant, and then I rolled fondant valves and put them into the holes,...
Not a single Aussie out there with a clue? wow.
I have 16" (40cm) 12" (30cm) 8" (20cm) x 5"(13cm) high square cakes(wedding-tiered). Any idea on the amount of ganache I will be needing? I know it is a 3:1 ratio white chocolate to cream. TIA ("
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