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Joann's ad is for the smallest cricut and it is the cheapest of the machines
I live in the kansas city area and the Joann's here will take all of their own coupons at one time if the bar codes are different, they also will take Michael's or Hobby lobby, coupon.The Michael's will take Hobby Lobby or Joann's coupons as long as they are not off the internet. But Michael's will only honor one coupon at a time. Same as hobby lobby, but some of the clerks at Hobby Lobby will give you back the coupon. Also if it is the week H.B dosen't have a coupon,...
some of my family members have been overto Irag for a total of 7 times, and I found that pringles can and a small cookie scoop was perfect to use and the cookies would fit in the pringles cans without much movement and then I would tape the lids aroundthe top of can, and I also learned to pack the corners of the box with loose candies ,also I would put packages of marshmallows on bottom sides and throw in hot chocolate packages, or what ever I had on hand to help cushion...
just a note, most people who haven't baked a cheesecake before have a tendency to overbake it, and you don't know it ,until it cools and you have a big crater in the middle,(speaking from experience LOL!)so just bake it until it is wiggly in the middle,it will set up as it cools. and I also bake the cheesecake by putting the pan in a bigger pan filled partially with water, it helps the cheesecake to bake more evenly.
you can also use a funnel to shape a hollow chocoate mold or rice krispie treats for the top instead of the hersheys kiss, if you wanted, I have done this and mad a giant kiss for a valentine treat.
thank you so much for the videos, I watched all 4 this morning and I am now ready to try making the liliesand I would love to see one of you assembling the flowers on your cake, keep the videos coming. Thanks again for sharing.
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