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Has anyone ever tried making a shiny gold Italian Meringue Buttercream?  I cover all my cakes with this rather than regular American buttercream (crusting or otherwise) since I think it tastes way better.  I haven't tried airbrushing it, since I think the color might bleed after it has been refrigerated.  Any suggestions?
Has anyone ever covered a cake dummy with IMBC? For some reason I have visions of it slipping off more easily than the regular American (shortening) buttercream. Thanks for your help.
Thank you all so much for your great advice! I hadn't thought about the punch idea. Never worked with the frosting sheets before....sounds like it might be the way to go. Do you have to freeze them first, before punching out the shapes?
Thanks for your replies. (3,000 lbs???? I'd sooner shoot myself than make cake pops that would require that many!!! LOL)
Does anyone know where you can purchase those mini black heart-shaped confetti pieces? I want to use them to make little bow-ties for groom cake pops. Thanks for any and all help. Also, do you know if it's possible to JUST get those shapes without having to buy a whole ton of different ones together? I know that you can get poker shaped ones, but I don't need all the other pieces....just the hearts.
Thanks so much for all the great advice!
Does anyone have a good way to adhere sugar gems to the sides of a cake that have been covered in fondant? I was thinking clear piping gel, but is it strong enough, and will it dry enough, to keep the gems from slipping off? Royal icing is strong, but it would probably show through the clear sugar gems, right?
Thanks everyone! I'll post a pic when it's done.
I'm making a three-tiered, square shaped wedding cake which will be iced with IMBC. Only thing is, the bottom tier is a fake (styrofoam). Can IMBC be applied directly onto styrofoam, or does it need to be prepped in some way first? Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Oh WOW cakenewby...that's kind of freaky....but cool, too!
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