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Great discovery. Thanks for sharing.
You didn't ask, but indydebi has an all-crisco crusting buttercream recipe that holds up VERY well in extreme heat. Check it out. It is a favorite on this site. Good luck!
The "cheese cake" was made for a prior birthday, when her DH asked for cheesecake.
Hard for me to describe, but it definitely isn't soupy. Quite soft, softer than a Regular BC, but not as soft as a whipped icing. You can pipe well with it though I have never made flowers with it. And of course, smoothing takes a bit of work since you can't use the Viva technique. Just a hot knife after it's chilled for a bit.I can eat this stuff right from the bowl! Absolutely love it, though DH is hooked on my standard BC.
Nope, that would be fine. I usually bake on Wednesday for a Saturday event.
When I don't need a crusting bc, I use WBH House buttercream exclusively. It is the best! That being said, I have never had any problem and am sorry you did. I hope someone can give you an idea as to what happened.
LOL@jenn"leaning" toward the pizza idea! Funny
I have heard you can take a small wad (or ball, I guess) of fondant and rub it over the cornstarched fondant and it removes it.
I've only done flat fbct's so no help from me, sorry. I hope you get an answer soon.
Ahhhh, I guess that makes sense. Cute idea though! Can't wait to see a picture when you're done. Good luck! BTW, I just looked at your gallery. You do some amazing work!
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