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My understanding of the pre-made jello pudding is....once you have popped them open, they are no longer shelf-stable and would require refrigeration. I've been wrong before though! LOL'SThis is VERY popular and delicious!
Just the act of freezing your cakes and wrapping well, will produce a moister cake. This is done all of the time.
I like the idea of the purple lustre dust on the blue wave. I think it would look great and not too over-the-top.
Genius indeed! Thanks for sharing this amazing technique.
No problem I can see. As long as your fillings are not perishable (which seems to be the case) and the room is not hot, your cake will be fine. Make sure to have someone sign a waiver that it was left at the venue in perfect condition. My concern would be, leaving it for so long and not knowing how many people will have access to the area, bumping table, poking it, etc.
Absolutely. It's done all the time. You are right about the out of direct sunshine statement. Good luck!
GFS in Woodhaven, Monroe and Taylor sell it.
You nailed it! Awesome job.
Strawberry jam/preserves added to any buttercream works really well. It is especially good added to the Whimsical Bakehouse House buttercream, recipe can be found on this site.
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