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I would decorate first. When you go to stack, don't place your dowels (or straws, whatever you use) all of the way into the lower tier. Leave them about a half inch or so above the top of the tier. When you place the upper tier onto the bottom tier, you have a little bit of room and you can just place it on the dowels, the dowels will go all the way to your cake board and you can get your fingers out of the way with minimal damage. Make sense? LOL Sorry, I had trouble...
If you are familiar with the Max and Ruby series, there's one called Max's Worm Cake.
And I never said it wasn't.
Personally, I like the rounded edges on your cake. Not every cake looks best with sharp, crisp corners. Keep it up, you're doing great!
Agrees with chocolate.
I also use the recipe on the Hershey can. You can add as much cocoa as you like to get the desired shade and/or flavor of chocolate you want. Most cakes and icings I like at room temp, but the Hershey chocolate cake and icing recipe on the can is SOOOOOO good cold! Jumbo glass of ice cold milk on the side, please.
I agree with using crushed graham crackers over brown sugar. When you cut the cake, the brown sugar, to me, would be WAY too sweet if it made it onto the cake plate. I used this method on my flip flop cake, adhering it to the cake board with just a light smear of buttercream. HTH
I'm not sure what type pans you are using, but if you can, invest in Magic Line pans. They give super straight crisp edges. They are awesome! Check them out.
1. No ingredient causes it to crust. It is the sugar-to-fat ratio.2. I use 1 1/2 cups butter and 1 cup Crisco to 2 lbs powdered sugar in my standard crusting buttercream.
You can use an upside down cake pan.
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