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Americolor gel, Super Red
There's really nothing I can say to this horrible, sad story. I am just happy that you are safe and the recipients of the cake were so understanding. Hard to believe, but it could have been a LOT worse! I am so sorry for your troubles.
If you don't have an aversion to using a mix, Betty Crocker has a mix for Gingerbread/Gingerbread cookies that I think is super good. I use it every Christmas for my Gingerbread cut-outs.
I would use the pan spray on my ribbon only if using it on a BC covered cake. It basically discolors your ribbon on purpose so when it is placed on a BC cake, the grease absorbing into the ribbon doesn't show. You shouldn't have this problem with a fondant covered cake, though.
My pleasure.
I frequently use multiple bags of various colored frostings when I make a FBCT. Rather than empty out my bags and waste (or re-package) , I place all of my bags in a zip-loc bag and put in the fridge. Comes in handy for later projects. I just let my bags come to room temp and I'm good to go!Just a side note: I have numerous tips and couplers so if I have a few tied up in my fridge with my leftovers it's not a big deal.
Please RUN, do not walk away from this idea. I thought it would be a nice change from buttercream as a binder, boy was I wrong! I don't feel that I added too much but it gave (like PP stated) the cake bites a really wet structure.
This is the recipe I use. If I am making a cake with a FBCT, I usually use this as an icing for the whole cake. It is delicious! made one today... to add for Kiddiecakes: I absolutely LOVE the WBH buttercream. I use it at every opportunity. Sad to say, most people I bake cakes for prefer the sweeter American buttercreams.
Yes, you will need to chill the cake using cream cheese icing.
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