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Oops, she did indeed! My mistake.
It would help if we knew where you are located. Someone here will be sure to help you out. Good luck!
Minimum 1/4 cup icing per cupcake...MINIMUM!
Agreeing with starting with brown icing. Also using Americolor Super Black gel should do it.
I have bought cake decorating books and cake pans from ebay. I could sit for hours and view that site for possible purchases.
I use this method and recipe every time. I've never had it fail me. Good luck!
I leave sticks of butter on my countertop for days (for use with toast, etc) and have no problem. You shouldn't either.
There appears to be an error with that link.
After attaching your cupcakes to your board (using a small dab of buttercream) frost the cupcakes as one, not individually. If you have the larger Icer tip (#789), it works really easily. Otherwise, just ice as normal. If you are using a crusting buttercream, you can use the Viva paper towel technique on this. Your icing will NOT fall into the gaps between your cupcakes. Good luck and be sure to post pics!
How about using this as your FBCT ?
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