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A lot of people use ganache under their fondant for a smooth surface.
Agreeing with Indydebi on this one. That is MY go-to chocolate frosting recipe.
Without question, the Costco Mousse Recipe on this site. It's very adaptable to other flavors as well, just by changing pudding flavors. will love it!
Standard size only
LOL@Wykd's response. Good one!
I've done the iron-on wax paper. No leakage at all.
SPS for sure!
Your plan sounds good to me. Good luck!
You have some pretty awesome cakes posted. Maybe make a portfolio? Good luck.
I know this is supposed to be a most saved CAKE thread, but most of my cakes, I guess, aren't worthy. However, my starburst candy roses were popular, with 90 saves. TFL.
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