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Could it be your support structure rather than the recipe you use? Do you use straws, dowels, SPS? is a very popular scratch mix here. I have used it, it is delicious, but I have never stacked or covered in fondant. Scroll down and read the reviews. There are some comments regarding this subject. HTH.
Thank you for clarifying that for me. I (wrongfully) assumed they were waiting there, ready to go with the interview. I apologize. Best of luck to you through all of this.
I'm not sure how to do the quote thing with previous posts so bear with me on this. LOLPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:16 pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------I just had one of the local news station come by my home requesting an interview. They're got a friend at one of the stations. Thankfully, I have all paper trails, etc. so I've printed everything out, contracts included, photos, etc. We'll see how this goes. Any advice on...
A quick PM to the cake artist who did this gorgeous cake should give you the help you need. Good luck!
A double layered cake yields more servings because it is twice as high as a single layer (twice as much cake per slice) so you will be cutting smaller slices than with a single layer cake.. Makes sense?
Welcome to CC. Sit back, make a pot of coffee (or uncork a bottle of wine), read through the posts, view the galleries and be amazed at all you will learn here. You will have a blast!
I have never tried either. This is SUCH a moist cake on its own I never saw the need. Hope someone else can help.
Absolutely precious baby baby! Congratulations to the whole family.
Maybe you could sub the full fat cream cheese with Neufshatel. It is supposed to have 33% less fat than regular cream cheese, but also has a higher moisture content so not sure if it would work. I have NO idea on how to go lower calorie on the sugar though. Hopefully someone will offer you some ideas or a recipe. I will be watching this post, hoping as well.
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