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I would be concerned about the freshness of the cake 6 days after being baked. While it may not taste bad, it won't be at it's freshest. JMO
Your idea sounds adorable! Go for it.
I have also heard of adding just the tiniest amount of violet coloring to your icing, as mrsmac stated. The violet is supposed to offset the yellowish color you are getting.
I also do as posted above. Add cocoa until it looks right!
I also use Snapfish when they have their deals.
I use Elmer's. I also get those strings using hot glue and I usually end up burning myself!
As far as I know, there is no reason you can't add Butter flavor to indydebi's recipe.
I agree with you 100%! Unbelievable
I would go with the sleeved filling myself. As for refrigerating fondant covered cakes, there are mixed views on this. Some people have disasters while others have great success. Have you ever put your fondant covered cakes in the fridge?
I've notied an off-white color when using store brand marshmallows. It seems if I use the Kraft Jet Puffed brand it is whiter to me.
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