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Any time I need a RED for icing, I use Americolor Super Red. No aftertaste and it colors a TRUE red. Sorry this happened to you.
Agreeing with sillywabbitz.....a "true" meringue would surely break down VERY quickly, as it does on a pie, for instance. What type of meringue is this, being used on a cake? It is a unique and lovely technique though.
Also a fan of Global Sugar Art.
I'm guessing 6 months or so.
How about a measuring tape, running shoes, WW Cookbook?
I have a big, flat plastic storage box that I use to keep excess buttercream flowers in, stored in my freezer. It's great to have these little babies on hand for a last minute cake or cupcake toppers.
I have baked an ice cream cake on several occasions. The method *I* use is pretty simple. I just bake my usual cake, two layers, in 9 inch rounds. Let cool. I soften my ice cream slightly, and spread it into the same size round (lined with saran wrap). Freeze until hard. Stack the two cakes with the ice cream layer in the middle, working quickly as it WILL start to melt. Give it a good crumb coat. Re-freeze for a a couple of hours. Have your buttercream ready, pop...
No, they are not cheap but they are of the UTMOST quality and well worth the investment! This gal knows what she is doing. Run...DO NOT order them. You will watch them again and again. You will not be sorry.
I never refrigerate cupcakes (or cakes, for that matter) for the reason you stated...dryness. I also don't use perishable fillings or icings so it has never been an issue. On top of that, I absolutely HATE cold icings. just my two cents!
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