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ohhh, great!!! thanks for telling this story--now i will never sleep because I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! well, ok, so i will sleep more than you, but WAY TO GO!!!spongemomchefpants sounds awesome, but be sure to leave escargo off of the menu--eeehhh poor gary!good things do happen to good people!!!
he could be doing garden work with the golf club??? just kidding.Sorry, I cant help, but am anxious to see what everyone has to offer. are you thinking fbct, fondant, or just bc. you could always transfer clip art images onto your cake...what are you comfortable working with?
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's what someone on the Wilton forum suggests to make fushia: "To make Fushia, use 3/4 t. rose and add 6 toothpick dots of royal blue. " Maybe you could experiment with the royal blue???? HTHbtw...i copied this post from a recent post about coloring fondant fuchia colored.
on the back of what box?
sssmmoooccchhheeessss!!!!!!Thank you very much!!!
i use MP in every batch of bc and have never had this problem...hummmaybe the mp was old, or what about the color. I have never used americolor yet. was it old, does it seperate and need to be shaken?
so, did you fix it and how?
adven68, I just wanted to say what a nice elegant looking sports cake--perfect for a subtle event as it is not too busy!!!I love this, very well executed!
sorry, guys, I am new to I have not baked from scratch, but rather doctor cake mixes due to time constraints...basically, I have none!!I will share with you though that I make a lemon extreme(i named it this after tasting it) that replaces all the liquid out of a recipe for thawed frozen(humm...) lemonaide concentrate. because the concentrate tended to try out the mix though, I added lemon pudding and 2 extra eggs. I am pretty sure you could adapt this to any...
ok, maybe it is just me, but I dont get was the base constructed???I looked up the cake stand so i could get a visual as i read the instructions, but i dont understand how the cake board could rest on feet of a cake seperator plate and not slide around.looking for translations...paula, if you read this, way to go!!!jennifer, if you attempt this...good luck and post pictures!!!
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