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ok everybody who has done FBCT, I am asking you for help.I have been working on how to do FBCT for 3 days, and this is the best i can come up with. I have read numerous post and still cant figure out what i am doing wrong...1. how do i get rid of the lines (is this the wormy affect?) if I use the foam roller, do I use it after the FBCT is on the cake? will there be time to redo a mess up should a catastrophy occur--i have little faith at this point!2. should i be... is a pic of booties made from cupcakes...there is a description in the comments. is this what you mean?
you can add an extra egg to the batter. the egg will stabelize the cake and make it firmer. when i think my cakes are too moist, this is how i fix them. it does not take away any moisture, it only adds firmness.HTH
i too am slow, i hope and cant wait to get faster, so thanks for the encouragment...the blue rose cake took 10 hours total, which included 2 hours clean up.
toothpicks worked for i prayed!!! alot!!!HTH
it could also depend on the theme. I find that toys work great.
no advice just wanted to congratulate you!
good luck, please share your experience.i attempted starburst and tootsie roll flowers last night...they came out ok, but need more practice--the kids loved 'em!
2 votes for #2--my DH voted too.--to me the placed roses indicate order and elegance, less chaos.congrats on the wedding and the wtg withyour organization!!! awesome jobs on your roses!which one are you leaning towards? have you decided yet?
me, too, i only have one oven. I also bake 2 cakes at a time--i have not attempted anything larger than an 8in circle two at a time....however, i have found that if i bake early in the morning before work or late in the evening before bed, then 1. my cakes are cooled when i am ready to work with them, and 2. they cool faster because it is not the hot part of the day, which also keeps my house cooler. putting hot things in your fridge is never a good idea becaus you raise...
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