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what are hidden pillars? are these the pillars used in the course 3 kit for the final cake? why are these better than dowels?
it works for us, me and my DH, that we have chores...he does the laundry, i do the dishes. Of course, if i have had a bad or hard day and the dishes are in the sink yes he will do them--laundry is a different story have you tried to establish chores for one another so that each of you knows what the other expects?secondly, i would ask what is the real issue? I could not agree more with him feeling overwhelmed as a very plausible explanation. Could he be under abnormal...
i have kodak easy share and too had issues resizing photos, but once i learned, it is not hard at all...1. click on the photo you want to resize2. click edit3. click on save as4. at the bottom, choose to resize and select best for web. this option defaults to 100%, so this is what you may see before you change it.5. choose a name for your new sized photo..i always name them resized.HTH
just wanted to say---THIS IS AN AWESOME TIP THAT REALLY WORKS!!!!Thank you for posting this. I tried this with my strawberry shotcake house cake for the red---worked like a charm!!! it only took 1/2 ounce to color the whole batch of fondant red rather than the whole thing.
for my lemon cake, i follow the receipe on the back of the box. in addition to that i do the following:replace all of water with thawed lemon concentrateadd 1 box of lemon puddingand 2 extra eggsbest lemon cake I have ever eaten. without the 2 extra eggs, the cake was very dense.not lime, I know, sorry, but, i bet you could add vanilla pudding and not know the difference if you are using lime concentrate since it is soo strong???
this reminds me of a joke...what is the most fattening food in the world?wedding cake.everybody knows that after you eat the wedding cake, you bloom.
congrats on a job well done, but what is the dowl trick for stacking?
i love the color change...i think it looks much better, not that your original was bad--not by far!!
i would try throwing in an extra egg
you could also paint flowers or whatever on the fondant if you cant find anything for an impression.just a thought....
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