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mac,I think your story brought it home...thank you for being candid and sharing your story. I am happy to hear that things are going to go well.indydeb--was always, you are a rockstar with a wealth of knowledge.I am glad that this post was started....i already knew the consensus (get legal), but it always good to be reminded of why...Now a question to add...I live in missouri. there is a restaurant down town in my small town that does well. In the dining area there sits...
my aunt makes a tirimisu cake and it is great!!! not sure how she did it though. It was not soggy at all. have you checked recipezaar?they have a lot of variations.
thanks Teecakes for your confirmed answer!My suggestion is that if you are worried about the consistancy, look for the powdered creamer instead.
wont walmart scan your images onto frosting sheets for a fee?---just a suggestion in case you want to use acutal pictures but dont have the harware to do it.good luck, sounds cute!
what is stablized whipping cream?if it is it like whipped icing instead of bc? does it hold up for decorating? does it taste good?
1. Great job on finishing 1st place.2. Thanks for sharing the cake recipe.3. What recipe did you use for cream cheese icing? Did you decorate with the cream cheese icing?what a way to boost your business...Way to go!!!
not sure about fresh lemon juice, but i have used lemonaid concentrate--worked well, and tasted good, but a little tart. I have also used, and prefered the taste too, Lorann's lemon flavoring. It tasted lemony without being tart. link from wilton is for their scrambled colors. They give you ideas/instructions on how to color your cake batter/effects.on a lighter side:depending on what colors you mix, the color could be called, rainbow, multicolored, or puke if you are not careful just kidding, but good luck!
i found the link this doesnt work, you can also look under her forum post titles cc is true ellyrae!
thanks!!! they look and amazing!
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