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the ribbon can be used on both fondant and bc, so I have seen. I do not know how to keep it in place as I have never's a bump!
maybe you could send them a letter reminding them that their payment has not been received. Additionally, I would add that if the payment is not received by (date), then, due to customer demand, you will have to consider their order void and, if desired, they will have to rebook with you for a later date.
is that related to compassion fatigue....sometimes you just don't give a sh*t?
congratulations on a job well done! I can't believe you drove with it assembled!!! I would have ended up with a pile of mess!
try adding the color before adding the powdered sugar. it will take a lot for a vibrant color, but only about half as much.
well, I live in your area and I have never heard a story like this is the news: "bakery fined for traumatizing screaming children." I am sure you have nothing to worry about. Think of it this publicity! I will keep an eye out for your story on fox 5!BTW...the responses are cracking me up!!!
that are in advance, if it were me, I would freeze it; however, you probably will be ok in the fridge.
great job! i wanna see the cake stand...
some will disagree because it changes the density of the cake, but, while the cake is hot, i press the top of the cake down to make it even. I have not had anyone complain that my cakes are too dense.
geez...I am/have been on the fence about "to open a shop or not" and have really appreciated the insight and thought this thread has provoked. something to think about for sure!!!one thing i have found myself saying lately is, of course doing cakes as a sole income, is that we rely on customers and the economy for our pay checks. that, to me, is the scary side of going into biz for myself...especially with the economy as it is currently. so what about working part time...
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