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I'm so happy for you! It is such a great feeling when someone orders a cake especially a wedding cake. Congrats!
Can't wait to see.
I think she looks perfect. She really looks like Cinderella.
Welcome! I'm moving to Az in Jan. Do you take classes out there? Are there any cake stores that you know of out there?Connie
I recently purchased the book, and spent one entire night reading the different recipes. I have yet to try one. Hopefully soon.
I have Wilton and Magic line cake pans. I prefer to use the Magic line pans. In my opinion they bake the cake more evenly than Wilton and they are more durable. The Wilton pans get dented to easily. As time progresses I will eventually purchase all magic line pans. Connie
Do you have the printer and everything? If so I would charge an extra 10.00 and If not I would add on whatever the cost is to get one made at a local cake store or bakery. I personally don't have a printer set up to do images so I usually charge the cost to get one made. However I have to take time and gas to get there so I should charge a couple of $$ more than the cost.Connie =)
If you go to the galleries you can search for flags. Pictures of cakes with flags will show up. Hope this helps.Connie
They both look beautiful. Great job doing two cakes in one day!!
The only cake I make from scratch is Carrot. I just recently tried subing milk insted of water for box and that really helped the cake.
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